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Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export: Winning the First Competition

Date:2019-2-15 16:41:31
 On the afternoon of February 12, Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Workers' Congress and 2018 General Appraisal and Commendation Meeting was held in the Academic Report Hall of the Management Center. It summarized and reviewed the work in 2018, deployed this year's overseas marketing work, unified thoughts, strengthened confidence, and pursued the battle to win 2019 overseas. The market is the first. Yuan Hongming, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Holdings, Secretary of the Disciplinary Committee, and Chairman of the Labor Union attended the meeting.
  In 2018, the global economy was in a recovery phase. The Shaanxi Auto International Market struggled to catch up and surpass the trend. The sales volume achieved gradual growth and created impressive results. The company achieved 13,508 heavy-duty truck orders, an increase of 38.71% over the same period. In the export industry, the market share reached 17.72%, an increase of 4.11% over 2017; the annual export income was 2.769 billion yuan, an increase of 10.58%.
  Tian Chao, Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Co., Ltd. made a report on the international marketing work of “Customer-oriented Innovation Drives Strong and Complementary Short Breakthrough”.
 Han Linlin, deputy secretary of the Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Party Committee, the chairman of the labor union, and the chief financial officer, made a report on the work of the union of “Integration of Service and Innovation to Help the International Market Breakthrough”.
  The conference also commended the advanced collectives and individuals that emerged in 2018. Yuan Hongming presented the award to the representative of the Algerian office, Kazakh office, cooperative export department and Algeria KD factory project support team. Tong Yali presented awards to the Chinese project team, Indonesia office, Philippines office, Cuba office and Nigeria office that won the individual awards. Cao Zhen, director of the Philippines Office of the Asia-Pacific region, made a statement and focused on the goal to make contributions to the development of Shaanxi Auto International Market.
  Yuan Hongming made an important speech and expressed gratitude to the marketing officers for their hard work over the past year. He said that 2018 is the best year since the establishment of Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export, and it will certainly achieve greater progress in 2019. Looking back at the overseas marketing work in 2018, he pointed out that this year, Shaanxi Automobile Import and Export Team worked passionately and truly implemented the work concept of “because of work, so happy”, the team spirit fully reflected, they pay attention to the market, pay attention to products; And pay more attention to risks, focus on efficiency, make the overseas marketing network layout more and more reasonable, more and more close to market demand, leading the market demand.
  When talking about working in 2019, Yuan Hongming demanded that first, the strategy of adhering to the international development strategy will not waver; the second is to keep a close eye on the target and insist on six “not relaxing”, that is, the target of 20,000 sales will not be relaxed, and overseas The goal of the market industry is not to relax, the service level is not relaxed, the strategic goal of firmly promoting localization development is not relaxed, the goal of continuously improving the quality of operation is not relaxed, and the establishment of a first-class marketing team is not relaxed; the third is to continue to pay attention to products. The fourth is to care for the employees; the fifth is to gather the strength of the whole group and push forward the import and export work; the sixth is to focus on the two-wheel drive and contribute more to the strategic development of Shaanxi Auto. In the end, Yuan Hongming also introduced in detail the characteristics and configuration of various products of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicles, encouraged the promotion of the international market of Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicles, and created a brilliant future for Shaanxi Automobile's “2035” strategy.


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