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Tan Xuguang issued a mobilization order to the whole group for “100 days to achieve the first quarter of the year”

Date:2019-1-3 15:30:40
On January 2nd, the video mobilization meeting of “Dagan 100 Days, Realizing the First Season Opening” was held. The party secretary and chairman of Shandong Heavy Industry Group, the party secretary and chairman of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Tan Xuguang issued a mobilization order at the meeting, requiring all cadres and staff to go all out to grab orders, guarantee quality and quantity, gather strength and encourage enthusiasm. The spirit of not reaching the goal is not to stop, to ensure that the main goal of the first quarter is exceeded.
The conference was the largest and most extensive mobilization meeting of the group. The main venue was located in the headquarters of Weichai Group. More than 5,000 leading cadres from 25 sub-meetings attended the video conference. Nearly 1,000 leading cadres of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group participated in the video. meeting.
Tan Xuguang summed up the work in 2018 from the whole vehicle driving effect, strategic synergy to a new level, core technology to show strength, cost reduction and efficiency. The Group's overall achievement of leap-forward and high-quality development is a year of success and joy.
After analyzing the market situation and budgetary arrangements in 2019, Tan Xuguang proposed a mobilization order for the entire group of cadres and workers to focus on the budget target, “Dagan 100 days, to achieve the first quarter of the door to open the door”, and demanded that the first quarter budget be fully exceeded. Fully achieve the seven goals and tasks:
The first is to build China's leading and world-class full-scale complete vehicle, and to play the leading role of the whole vehicle; second, to promote the substantial growth of product exports, promote the steady growth of product exports, and establish a more balanced global market structure; It is based on intelligent manufacturing to promote efficient delivery of products, increase investment in intelligent manufacturing, efficiently integrate production capacity resources, greatly improve operational efficiency, ensure timely delivery of products, and respond quickly to the market. Fourth, it is to reduce costs and control expenses to eliminate losses. The goal of % is lowered, and the responsibility for cost reduction is implemented; the fifth is to promote the quality of products to the international first-class, accelerate the promotion of product quality and quality management to the international first-class, and achieve high-quality development; sixth is to unify the culture standard language of the whole group, The unified culture of the group takes root in each enterprise and gives full play to the unique cultural advantages of each enterprise. Seventh, it comprehensively surpasses the budget target of the first quarter, decomposes the budget indicators in layers, ensures everyone's back indicators, and everyone has pressure.
Tan Xuguang emphasized two risk prevention and control: First, strictly control the occupation of the two golds, and fully prepare for the sharp downturn of the industry in 2019; second, increase the financial sector to support the sales of the whole vehicle and improve the support for the development of the whole vehicle. degree.
"Those who are born, care for, become successful, and lose pride." Tan Xuguang encourages everyone to plan carefully and down-to-earth. I hope that all cadres and staff will always be aware of the crisis, keep their entrepreneurial passion, and keep reforming and eternal. Pragmatic style, strive to seize the opportunities of the first quarter, and fully challenge the new goals.
Subsequently, Cai Dong, general manager of China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, presided over a second mobilization meeting, requiring all departments and units to conscientiously organize and implement the spirit of Chairman Tan’s important speech, convey the spirit of the meeting to all employees, and put forward five specific requirements: First, we must scientifically plan and plan to "win the seven major battles in 2019"; second, we must increase domestic marketing efforts, and promote domestic marketing work to a new level; third, we must seize opportunities and further expand the advantages of the international market; We must do our utmost to reduce costs and improve market competitiveness. Fifth, we must do a good job in several current tasks. Cai Dong called on everyone to act quickly to further unify their thinking, strengthen their confidence, and launch various measures to ensure the first quarter of the year to open the door and create favorable conditions for the sustained and healthy development of China National Heavy Duty Truck in 2019.


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